BSPM526 (cross-listed as BIOL526) Evolutionary Ecology

Description: Offered in Fall semesters of odd years. This course is designed for graduate and advanced undergraduate students. The format of the course will be a combination of lecture and discussion. Instructors will give background lectures, and students will lead discussion sessions on a variety of topics covered each week. Lectures and assigned readings are designed to provide a foundation in evolutionary ecology and provide a sampling of specific topics.


BIOL571 Molecular and Genomic Evolution

Description:This course explores evolution at the molecular level. Using basic evolutionary and population genetic principles, we will infer history from DNA sequences; determine how natural selection shapes the evolution of genes; study the relationship between molecular and phenotypic evolution; explore the evolution of networks and complexity; investigate how genome organization and content evolves; and address applied problems like assigning biological function to genome sequences, and mapping genes involved in human diseases and adaptations.

This is an advanced course that draws upon your previous knowledge of genetics, evolution and molecular biology.


ECOL592 Interdisciplinary Seminars

Description: Each spring I have led a seminar (journal club) class on topics in Evolution. These have included Inferring the Evolutionary History of Weedy and Invasive Species, The Genetics of Small Populations, and Gene Flow, and Using R in Evolution.

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